Thursday, March 22, 2007

Other Side

This photo is a very important one. It's my step out of the office into incredible 3 weeks of vacation.
I guess I'm really ready for a holiday. My internal batteries are almost empty.

This time I'm about to visit the other side of the planet and I'm really excited.
There is a very small atoll in the Pacific Ocean called Truk Lagoon. Within that lagoon sleeps a huge ghost fleet of sunken japanese WW2 wrecks and I'm going to scuba dive some of them [more on Wikipedia...].

My song for the two weeks is "Oh My God" from "Kaiser Chiefs" [Video on] - especially the refrain.

No new postings for the next two weeks. Stay tuned until my return to cold Germany (at about Eastern).


At Friday, March 23, 2007, Blogger SOe said...

Have a nice time!


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