Thursday, June 14, 2007


Find out what I did at work yesterday.

Isn't it great what can be done using some French Fries, Ketchup and a German company car?

Thanks to Mr. Q for not killing me because I stole his food.


At Friday, June 15, 2007, Blogger Polly Jean said...

hee hee.

At Friday, June 15, 2007, Blogger SOe said...

French Fries, Ketchup outside the car - that should be okay. But inside ... Could be dangerous for your health!

At Friday, June 15, 2007, Anonymous cel said...

thatīs really "thinking out of the box"

At Sunday, June 17, 2007, Blogger Koenigskinder said...

Why do you apology for stealing food...What the hell is with the car??????? :)


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